A general boolean algebra class and some instances for haskell. The main module is Boolean.Algebra.

  • Boolean.Algebra src doc
    This is the main module of the Boolean hierachy and provides a class which abstracts common operations on boolean algebras. note, we redefine some prelude functions, but the new definitons mean the same thing for Bool so it will not hurt existing code.

    to use properly:

     import Boolean.Algebra
     import Prelude hiding((&&),(||),not,and,or,any,all)

  • Boolean.Boolean src doc
    This module provides a data constructor which lifts any type into a boolean algebra and some operations on said lifted type.

  • Boolean.FuzzyBool src doc
  • Boolean.Set src doc
    This creates the boolean algebra of sets from any base boolean algebra. note that the sets created are 'true' sets in the mathematical sense, not the usual programatic aproximation.

    A generalized set can be thought of as a map from keys to boolean values. perhaps the 'map with default' should be seperated out?

  • Boolean.TestCases src doc
    some test cases to test the Boolean.* modules.
  • Boolean.TrueSet src doc


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