Developing jhc

jhc is maintained via the Darcs revision control system. The darcs repository is located at http://repetae.net/repos/jhc, you can also browse the repository via darcsweb.

Getting the source

If you simply wish to use jhc, it is much easier to build from the distribution tarball, as described on the Building Page. If you are interested in developing or modifying jhc itself, then building from darcs as described on this page is recommended.

In order to build from the darcs repo, you need the following things installed:

* GHC 6.12.1 or better
* A recent version of DrIFT
* pandoc if you wish to build documentation
* graphviz if you wish to create code motion graphs
* a working perl install for various sundry tasks
* the happy haskell parser generator
* darcs 2.0 or better
* You need the following haskell libraries
  * binary
  * zlib
  * utf8-string
  * bytestring
  * containers
  * one of editline or readline
  * HsSyck
  * mtl

If the dependencies are installed properly, the following will produce a working tree:

darcs get http://repetae.net/repos/jhc
cd jhc
autoreconf -i

Now you can begin to build jhc and the standard libraries, in order to do so, switch to the jhc directory and do:

make jhc

jhc can now be tested via the following command to build HelloWorld with the freshly built libraries in the current directory.

./jhc -L- -L. examples/HelloWorld.hs -o HelloWorld

External libraries described in lib/ext can be built with the following

make libs

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