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2010-07-21 Suggest libraries when an unknown module is imported
2010-07-11 make framework for benchmarking jhc's resource usage.
2010-07-09 Support 'slabs' of external objects
2010-07-09 ForeignPtr finalizers need to be implemented
2010-07-09 support classes for unboxed values
2010-07-09 support associated types
2010-07-09 obfuscate the internal names of hidden modules
2010-07-09 create a jhc-prim library with truely internal stuff
2010-03-30 We should not pass the GC context to functions that perform no allocation
2009-09-23 address foreign imports don't include header files properly
2009-09-05 strict fields of newtypes are not unboxed properly
2009-08-29 IO exceptions are not working properly
fixed 2009-08-29 parse error on where
2009-08-29 fails when the same library is imported more than once
2009-08-28 flattenType called too often in type checker
2009-04-07 support newtype deriving
fixed 2009-04-07 FunPtr has no Ord or Eq instance
fixed 2009-03-27 module exports arn't tested for ambiguity
fixed 2009-03-27 defaulting does not work
2009-03-27 desugaring of lambdas inside of list comprehension head seems broken
2009-03-27 The renamer should be able to disambiguate method names
2009-03-27 We should populate the grin TypeEnv only with entries that actually exist in the generated code
2009-03-27 unused return value of a function in grin should be elided