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Windowmaker Sound Scope Applet

WMscope is a little applet that docks under WindowMaker or Afterstep and will display audio data or a neat sine wave type thingy. its great to impress random people who dont know any better. wmscope has been tested on Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris sparc, and FreeBSD. it should also work on any POSIX system with X11 support that uses a sound driver similar to one of the above systems.


as of right now wmscope will open the audio device itself to read in data. due to the way OSS uses the sound card only one application may do this at one time meaning wmscope wil not work with other programs that expect full access to the sound device such as most mp3 and mod players.. it should work with MIDI/ CD in / or LINE in though. there might be ways to get around this useing esound or something similar which multiplexes the sound device or ALSA the proposed new linux sound architechure.

Oct 4 1999 Update: release 3 is out. changes include

Jan 23 1999 Update: release 2 is out. get it below. changes include

you can grab release 3 here: wmscope-3.tar.gz

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